Hog Hog2024.1-4
Hog doxygen documentation

General information

Here you can find information on how Hog functionalities are implemented. The documentation is automatically generated from the code comments using doxygen.

Hog consist of a series of Tcl scrips that are contained in the Tcl directory. Inside this directory you will find the main library file hog.tcl containing most of Hog functions. An exhaustive list of Hog's functions can be found here.

Hog integrates a set of Tcl scripts in the firmware workflow, these scripts are located in the Tcl/integrated directory. Tcl script used to launch specific firmware tasks (synthesis, implementation, simulation, etc.) are located in the Tcl/launchers directory. Additional utilities scripts are located in the Tcl/utils directory. Tcl scripts used only in Hog-CI are located in the Tcl/CI directory.

Bash scripts located in the main Hog directory are used to execute the launcher tcl scripts and to launch the project creation with Vivado/Quartus. Additional shell scripts are located in the Others directory

Many Hog Tcl scripts can be run in debug mode using tcl shell (tclsh), this feature is extremely useful for developing. To do that you need to install the tcllib library available on yum and apt-get.

Hog user documentation can be found in the user documentation website

Become a member of the Hog community

You are very welcome to become an active Hog developer!

Get in contact with one of us (e.g. Francesco Gonnella or Davide Cieri), such that we can have a quick feedback of your background and your expertise.

Please also have a look to the contributing section of the user manual.


Hog is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.